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The Trapolin Law was founded by attorney Ivor A. Trapolin, a civic activist who worked for civil rights in the 1960s and was a stalwart of the Metropolitan Crime Commission until his death in 1996. Today, the firm — now expanded – continues under Ivor’s son, attorney Miles G. Trapolin.

Miles Trapolin has 30 years of legal experience in the courtrooms of southeastern Louisiana. Under his stewardship, the firm has represented clients in contested succession cases, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims on behalf of plaintiffs, traffic accidents, zoning and property disputes, nuanced disputes over LLC law, contract negotiations, and legal malpractice claims.

We do more than fight lawsuits. Outside of the courtroom, we help our clients through the various day-to-day situations that call for a lawyer’s assistance. It might be negotiating a lease, setting up an LLC, putting together a contract for small firm to use for its services or pursuing an unpaid debt for a client. Recently, we’ve seen and responded to more and more requests from clients about making arrangements for their parents and for themselves as they grow older.

For some New Orleans families, the Trapolin Law Firm has become a tradition – the “go-to” law office for day-to-day legal problems that you just don’t know how to approach. We understand that the first duty of an attorney is to serve as a counselor. Many of our clients today are the children and grandchildren of people who started out with Ivor Trapolin in the 1960s. We’re proud of that because we’ve earned their trust across generations.

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Miles G. Trapolin

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